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Ralf Körner 

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SYSTRONIC Verwaltungs-GmbH,
Company domiciled in Nordheim
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With exception to the offered Downloads (to be able to use these in the original version), the use of the contents, texts, pictures, even in extracts, is unlawful and will infringe the regulations of the copyright without the prior written acknowledgement of SYSTRONIC. This applies especially to all exploitation rights such as the duplication, the translation or the usage in electronic systems. In our website presence brand names, trade names, utility models and logos are registered. Even if they are not marked in such a way at the particular place, the legal regulations are valid accordingly.


SYSTRONIC, as content provider according to § 7 Tele Media Act, is responsible for the "own content" that it makes available for use. Although all content is carefully reviewed and updated, no guarantee for the completeness, accuracy and timeliness can be provided. SYSTRONIC is not liable for damages in connection with the usage of such content.

It has to be distinguished between the own content that include cross-references ("links") to content provided by other content providers. Through these cross-references, SYSTRONIC sense "foreign content" available for use which are identified as follows: By providing such links SYSTRONIC access to the use of these contents (§ 8 Tele Media Act).

For this "foreign" content SYSTRONIC is not responsible because the company is not in charge of the transmission for this information. Also SYSTRONIC does not choose the receiver of the transmitted information and does neither select the transmitted information nor changed it.

Also an automatic short-term storage of this "outside information" due to the selected invocation and linking method does not take place in charge of SYSTRONIC. Because of this handling SYSTRONIC is not responsible for the foreign content. "Links" are always references to "living" (dynamic) Internet sites of third parties.

When a link was established for the first time SYSTRONIC has checked the external content whether it might contain possibly civil or criminal liability. SYSTRONIC is not obligated to examine the content, referenced by the SYSTRONIC website, constantly for changes that could give rise to liability. Only when SYSTRONIC realises or when the company receives the information from others, that a specific offer, to which a link was provided, leads to civil or criminal liability, SYSTRONIC will remove the reference to this offer, as far as technically possible and reasonable. The technical possibility and reasonableness are not influenced by the fact that it can be accessed even after the elimination from the homepage of SYSTRONIC took place and it is still possible from other servers to access the illegal or punishable offers.